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  • Home Design for the Future
    I saw this house on tour and it is amazing and so energy efficient. The realtor told me that his next project is a custom build for someone in Sellwoo...
  • It's Tulip Time!
    Thank you Kathia! Yes, I've planted many times in icky weather, but it's such a good feeling of accomplishment after all the bulbs are in.
  • It's Tulip Time!
    Love your latest post on tulips! They are my husband's favorite flower, probably because he spent 12 years living in Holland. We purchase ours from a ...
Main Landscape/Pools Fencing & Decking

Fencing & Decking


C.H.I.P. & Dale's Security Rails

8603 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd., Portland, OR, 97222

Whether your budget is for a custom wrought-iron fence, a fence that looks custom but is made of non-wrought parts or a faux-iron fence (think heavy-duty black plastic), C.H.I.P. & Dale’s can put together the fence you can afford.   ...

Creative Fences & Decks

14782 S.W. Fern St., Tigard, OR, 97223

Creative Fences & Decks specializes in the unique wooden fences and decks that give Oregon homes a distinctive feel. The company will work with you to create custom works of art that enhance your home’s design and add to its value.

Decks by JRW

17825 S.E. 82nd Dr., Portland, OR, 97219

Whether you need a serene bench next to your outdoor spa, wooden decking around your pool, an awe-inspiring arbor to sit under or labyrinthine fence work, check out the wooden stylings of Decks by JRW.

Dyadic Iron Works

To call the metal pieces that Dyadic Iron Works make “fences” or “gates” is like calling Versailles a nice house. These fences are more like exquisite iron sculptures for your yard.

Eric Contey Stone Work

If you’re not looking for a fence to keep the bad guys out (or the good guys in), but you wouldn’t mind something beautiful that will frame the entrance to your house or garden, check out the intricately stacked stone walls from Eric Cont ...

Rick's Custom Fencing & Decking

20132 S.E. Stark St., Gresham, OR, 97233

Whether you want a traditional cedar fence or a property divider that makes more of an architectural statement, Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking is up for the job. Its product line includes cedar and composite decking, as well as cedar, viny ...

Sellwood Blacksmith

If you think wrought-iron gates and fences are boring, you haven’t seen the munching squirrels, the delicate leaves or the soaring sparrows captured in Sellwood Blacksmith’s designs.