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    Thank you Kathia! Yes, I've planted many times in icky weather, but it's such a good feeling of accomplishment after all the bulbs are in.
  • It's Tulip Time!
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Clean and cool

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Written by Vivian McInerny   
Monday, June 25, 2012

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20 green ideas to make your home beautiful and the planet better.

 GL2012 GreenIdeas SpecialSeeds

Special seeds

Adaptive Seeds specializes in rare and resilient seed varieties adapted to the Pacific Northwest. The seeds are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides in Sweet Home. Whether you want that heirloom tomato you saw at the farmers’ market or something that grows during our soggy winters, Adaptive Seeds has around 270 varieties to choose from. E.H.

Most seeds $3-$6 per packet;

Paper nor plastic

Though the green movement may be gaining steam, the tradition of wrapping gifts in fabric is centuries old. Portland-based LuLu Wraps creates handmade Japanese furoshiki. The wraps come in three sizes and can be used to wrap gifts many times, saving countless rolls of paper. Our favorite way to use the wraps, however, is for wrapping lunches to bring to school or work. If your origami skills are subpar, don’t worry, because the brightly colored fabric wraps come with easy instructions. E.H.


 GL2012 GreenIdeas PaperNorPlastic
GL2012 GreenIdeas LimberTimber 

Limber timber

Help a tree live beyond its ring count. Urban Timberworks gives felled city trees new life as quality furniture (like this table), flooring and other wood products. Homeowners can save trees from the fate of the wood chipper by donating trees of 20-inch diameter or larger. Urban Timberworks offers free site evaluation for feasibility of harvesting. They also sell goods made from trees. Tree hugging doesn’t have to stop when they yell timber. V.M.