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Main Home Style Disney designs suprisingly sophisticated

Disney designs suprisingly sophisticated

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Written by Vivian McInerny   
Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Decorating with Disney? Sounds like a home invasion of Mickey Mouse lamps, Goofy tables and princess pink something or the others. I’ve got nothing against adorable animation. And I’m all for happily-ever-after-ing — with or without Prince Charming — but buying Disney décor for a home in which no small children reside strikes me as sad and, possibly, creepy.

The Walt Disney Signature collection from York Wallcoverings is surprisingly sophisticated. The wallpaper designs are based on classic animated movies. Although you won’t see a wide-eyed Bambi frolicking across a meadow trailed by butterflies and bunnies – as cute as that might be – you might recognize the similarities between the animated falling snow in that movie and the collection’s Winterscape wallpaper. A segment of Fantasia inspired the silhouetted trees in the Meadow wallpaper, and a flight of doves in Snow White inspired Flutter. The Walt Disney Signature collection even includes a design based on the actual signature of Walt Disney.  It’s abstract enough that you could cover a wall without looking like particularly obsessive collector of autographs.  

flutter2The quality is high. And the prices aren’t exactly a walk in the theme park.

They start at about $70 per roll. The Winterscape wallpaper with sparkly glass beads is $140 per roll.

It’s fun to go through the York Wallcoverings web site because they show exactly which Disney image inspired which design. There’s a close-up of the carriage in Cinderella, for example, and a close-up of the pattern Enchanting, and also an image of a room covered with the paper.

It’s a kind of Disneyland for design fans.      


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