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mumvemberThe Lan Su Chinese Garden’s most colorful floral display takes place this November, featuring the beloved Chinese chrysanthemum.

Preparations for this year’s show began in February, when the garden’s horticulture staff and dedicated volunteers began taking cuttings for new plants. Throughout the summer, they have been busy at the greenhouse training, watering and caring for this fall’s crop of fabulous display plants.

Why all the fuss? For more than 1,300 years, Chinese gardeners, poets and philosophers have been captivated by chrysanthemum’s fall blooms. Along with plum, bamboo and orchid, the chrysanthemum is revered in China as one of the “four gentleman of flowers” and is a symbol of longevity and integrity. For centuries, they have been used medicinally and as a source for tea and wine.

In keeping with a time-honored tradition, Lan Su’s horticulture staff and volunteers will bring in an additional 500 potted plants of a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. In addition, this year’s display will feature the prize-winning blooms from the National Chrysanthemum Society’s Annual Exhibition including many rare varieties that have received months of expert care.

When: November 1-30

Where: Lan Su Chinese Garden, NW 3rd & Everett, Portland

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