18 Tips for Communicating with Contractors

Having a productive and successful relationship with the man or woman who’s turning your sorry excuse of a kitchen into a dreamy cookspace requires a well-honed set of interpersonal-relationship tools. Oregon Home talked with two contractors, two architects and a homeowner who’s been in Remodelingville about how to make the most of your partnership.


Image The East Bank District – some 39 blocks on the east bank of the Willamette River – was hot in the 1900s as Portland’s industrial center. Now it’s a major draw for homeowners in search of a gritty, ‘shop among the loading docks’ day.

17 Tips for Historic Preservation

Yeah, you got a deal on that huge round window, but are you sure you want to muck up your turn-of-the-century house with it? We talked with an architectural salvager, two restoration contractors, an architect and the executive director of the Architectural Heritage Center about how to balance remodeling with respect for your old house.