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Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

For close to 50 years, people have trusted Milgard for quality replacement windows. Not only does Milgard make the best windows, but right now is the best time to buy them. You can save 30% off the cost of your windows and doors—up to $1500 if you meet qualifying energy efficiency standards—when you take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit. According to ENERGY STAR®, the average homeowner in the Northwest can save up to $460 per year in energy costs by upgrading to more efficient windows and doors. When you want windows built to last, Milgard is clearly the best.

Energy Star

The Joinery
Modern Slivies Fumed Oak

Wood Furniture with Forest Stewardship Council Certification

The look of a stained or fumed Oak piece of furniture with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is now available through The Joinery. It is very difficult to repair or maintain the contrast of rich, dark grain patterns of antique pieces of Mission furniture. This would never be an issue with the FSC certified fumed Oak available through The Joinery. Instead of using traditional ammonia fumes to darken the lumber, Oregon Lumber steams and compresses the lumber to create a darkened look throughout the entire board. This process enables their master craftsman to cut down and create a piece of furniture just as they would with any other type of natural lumber, but without losing the darkened grain. This process is a revolutionary option available to anyone looking for a sustainable product.

Visit the website (http://www.thejoinery.com/about/materials.php) or contact Cassandra at The Joinery for more information:

(503) 788-8547 ext. 207

[email protected]

The Joinery

From Oregon Home's Green Living special issue

The Upcyclers

The Upcyclers 2

the upcyclers 2

A lot of artists can turn new paint and just-stretched canvases into amazing works of art. But we live in Recycleville, where creative, resourceful artisans and craftspeople are making sophisticated things out of former throwaway items (think pennies, plastic bags, broken glass and old sweaters and shoes). Meet upcyclers whose handiwork merits every cent it can fetch.


In 2008, Multnomah County's Central Library became the first library in Oregon to feature an eco-roof. Constructed with living plants and simulating the processes that occur in nature, eco-roofs absorb rain water like a meadow in a natural setting. The Central Library eco-roof is not accessible to the public. Frequent backstage tours allow you to see the roof from windows overlooking the roof. The 20-minute tour begins at the first floor Welcome Desk. Registration required.
DATES: June 27, June 30, July 7, July 18, July 21, Aug. 1, Aug. 4, Aug. 15, Aug. 18 & Aug. 29
LOCATION: Central Library (801 S.W. 10th Ave.), Portland.

You’ll learn and network about all types of renewable energy at the SOLWEST RENEWABLE ENERGY FAIR, which includes workshops, exhibitors, food and fun activities for all ages and skill levels. Take home lots of useful information about energy efficiency, solar and wind energy, alternatively fueled vehicles and more. Featured speaker Jeff Mapes, an award-winning journalist for The Oregonian and the author of “Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities,” will deliver a keynote speech at 12:30 p.m. July 25.
DATES: July 24 to July 26

LOCATION: Grant County Fairgrounds, John Day, Ore. in Eastern Oregon



It seems that “Green” building and residential rehab projects are everywhere these days. What exactly does it mean to be “Green”? Is this just another advertising blitz? Is the “Green” movement a fad? Or is it just another modern building style represented in the numerous infill projects claiming to be “Green,” while putting development pressure on our traditional neighborhoods? At GREEN BUILDING AND THE HISTORIC HOUSE, you will learn about the history of “Green Building,” one that dates back to the pre-electric age in the form of passive building practices and the use of particular historic building materials.
DATE: August 1
LOCATION: The Architectural Heritage Center (701 S.E. Grand Ave.), Portland

GoGreen '09 is an all-day educational conference that inspires, motivates and educates aspiring and established business owners to "go green." Spend a value-packed day connecting with an amazing speaker line-up that features over 40 leading eco-visionaries, experts and like-minded individuals who will provide you with the latest knowledge and tools needed to make your business more sustainable and help you take your business to the next level.
DATE: October 7

LOCATION: The Gerding Theater, 128 N.W. Eleventh Ave., Portland

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The Southern Oregon Vacation Guide is dedicated to just one idea: To make sure you know the wonders of Southern Oregon.

View Jordan Schrader Ramis PC’s new digital newsletter Off the Record. The Spring 2009 issue focuses on building green and more.

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