Music in the Garden

Need a picker-upper when you’re dragging through your Spring garden to-dos?

My childhood was filled with sounds of rhythm & blues and rock & roll – Stevie, Supremes, Temps, Beatles, Beach Boys.  When I was about 8 years old, my mom promised me a new bathing suit if I learned how to dance; she wanted me to be well-rounded (not in the bathing suit…:)  I got that new pink, one-shoulder bathing suit…:)  To this day I still love to dance.

I love to listen to music while gardening.  Music In The Garden keeps me company, gives me energy – physical and mental powers; I can dig a deeper hole… can you dig it?  For some reason with music, the garden task at hand always seems lighter and more fun… and that’s a good thing…:)

For my recent birthday, my sister Leilani bought me a portable wireless Bose sound system.  I am in love with it!

Before the Bose, the only way that I could listen to music while gardening, was when my hubby Fred, would drag out his humungous amp and speaker, hook it up to our cd player, and set it out on our back deck (such a sweetie…:)  Even though I loved having the music, the gear took up sooo much precious space, was a hassle to set up, and not very attractive (the real issue here…:) 

So, now I have this cute little portable wireless music box that sounds great!  I’ll save the big amps for the big parties. 

Ok, I know what you’re thinking… you love the peace and quiet of the garden.  It’s not that I don’t love the sounds of my rustling bamboo or the distant traffic (I pretend it’s the ocean in Southern Cal).  I love all that too, especially in the mornings with a cup of tea or in the evenings with a glass of prosecco.  But, when I’m digging holes in the garden, I’ve got to have the tunes…:)

The Bose connects to my i-Tunes off my computer, and voila I have beautiful music, ‘blowin’ in the wind’.  I highly recommend a Bose sound system; there’s one for every budget…:)  If you wanna know where to buy, click on the rectangle icon below and shoot me a comment.

I listen to all genres of music, but one of my favs for gardening is Bossa Nova – Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendez & Brasil 66.  Latin music really gets me going.  Fred will often catch me dancing to the next garden task…:) You know in Portland on Saturday mornings at 9, KMHDRadio features an hour of Latin music.  I try not to miss it. 

Check out the music video above, and check out the earrings; I thought I liked big earrings…:)  The tall girl reminds me of you, Jessica.  

Does anyone know what “Mas Que Nada” means?  Click the rectangle icon and shoot me a comment.

Enjoy your Music in the Garden… and as always love hearing from you! 

Till the next time…

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear