Readers Remodel: Sally & John Coultier


Readers Remodel: A home remodeling project, like any good adventure, is best when shared.  We asked readers to share their tales from the homefront. Here is one.


                                             The “before” kitchen of John & Sally Coultier before Mac-Bo remodel

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, John and Sally Coultier’s kitchen was beating too hard and fast.  It needed help.

“Our kitchen really is the hub of our home,” wrote Sally. “It serves us in so many ways.”

The kitchen not only was their primary entrance, it also was their passway to the dining and living room and served as laundry room.

“When it came time to remodel we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted,” Sally wrote. “A more convenient layout with greater room to move about easily.”

They relocated the laundry room to the back of the house in an area that previously served as a workshop and storage space. That freed up more space for the kitchen. By removing the upper cabinets, (on the left of the before image) and moving the stove to the right, they also opened up the kitchen to the dining area creating a flow between the rooms. The existing interior wall at right was stabilized to accommodate cabinets. The textured glass fronts on the IKEA cabinets create an airy feel without putting all cabinet contents on full display. The quartz counter tops create a richer feel.

“Our new appliance placement works better for cooking, cabinets feature configurable drawers for plates, and we now have a convenient nook for eating or meeting,” wrote Sally.  “On top of all this it is more beautiful than we had dared hope for.”

The practical Marmoleum floor looks a bit fancier with an inlay pattern installed on site.

Remodeler: Mac-Bo