Style Matters

Kollective Design brings an artsy, elevated vision to a single dad’s Overlook home.

Designer: Anna-Jaël Hotzel of Kollective Design
Photography: Aubrey Janelle
Photo Styling: Sharlyn Anderson
Floral: Kaylee Young

When you think of Dad style, fashion-forward isn’t generally the first term that comes to mind. But it is for Nick Skourtes, who worked with Anna-Jaël Hotzel of Kollective Design on the home he shares with his 12-year-old daughter, Iliana.

“He’s a really cool dad,” says Hotzel, who first met her client when they were in their 20s and were upstairs-downstairs neighbors. “He has a sneaker collection that would put most fashionistas to shame.”

Skourtes first fell in love with this Overlook property’s big windows, captivating views of Portland and nearness to a rail line (his grandfather worked in the railyards after emigrating from Greece). Also, he knew it was enough of a blank slate that he could bring in his personal style to it while also creating a great place for #dadlife.

“I can be incredibly particular,” Skourtes says. “Working with someone who really got to know me really helped.”

The designer led Skourtes through an intuitive process where she got to know his affinity for color, shape and texture. Fuzzy? Yes. Shiny? No. From their collaboration, Hotzel created family spaces that reflect her client’s experimental approach to form and materials and his deep appreciation of one-of-a-kind pieces (see the Sam Klemick Bell chair that graces his living room). As for the color: Hotzel says the palette developed as Skourtes paid close attention to his aesthetic affinities for different styles, textures and objects.

“Things that don’t go together can really stand out,” Skourtes says. “The right colors can come together and create a certain symphony, but you really have to be patient.”

The design process, Skourtes says, helped him re-envision the home’s open layout by establishing rooms in a more open floor plan. “You can really make choices that create walls where they didn’t exist,” Skourtes says. “I love when I have small gatherings and people find their little nooks and conversations.”

Skourtes visited artisan furniture maker Sam Klemick’s website for weeks after Hotzel sent him the studio’s Bell chair as an option for his living room. “Every day I looked at it and loved it more and more,” Skourtes says. The duo customized the one-of-a-kind chair with a different wood stain and a lambskin seat. “It’s actually my reading chair — it’s way more comfortable than I thought it would be,” Skourtes says.

For the primary bedroom, Skourtes wanted a minimal look and feel, achieved through a custom bed by local Portland company Makers Woodworks. The scene gets a retro vibe with vintage teak pieces from Lounge Lizard and artwork by Welsh artist Jonathan Owen.

In the kitchen, Comma stools by Design Within Reach and pendants by Baradax Ceramics add a handmade touch.

The designer and her client were dreaming up an entirely different wallpaper for Skourtes’ dining room before discovering London artist Jennifer Shorto’s evocative, Tree of Knowledge-inspired paper called “Eden.” “It’s super textured and adds such a tactile sense to the room,” Skourtes says.