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Amazing space

A human hand appears to sink into a solid brick wall.  Giant people seem to scramble up a tall building faster than you can say Spiderman.  Another building looks as if it is transforming, ala a click-and-turn toy, into an entirely different structure.

“Projected light media” doesn’t quite capture the wow-factor of this relatively new art form. Ellen Page playing with architecture scene in Inception comes closer.

Some of the top people in the field will be at Portland State University for the second annual gathering on the subject: “Illuminated City: A Light with Content Symposium.”  The April 9, 201, event presents  international speakers including Urban Screen and Minneapolis Art on Wheels on the topic of experimental, spatial, technical, political and interactive qualities of projected light media. Registration for the all-day symposium is $45. But the visually-curious can catch projected light installations on the PSU campus and in Portland galleries. For more information check out link above.