Room Layout & Furniture Placement

Making the best use of a space requires planning and preparation. In this Portland Community College class you'll learn the basics, analyze befores-and-afters, and receive help on your own layout challenges.


Would you rather live in a ranch house than your bungalow? Well, don’t strip your turn-of-the-century gem of its trim or remove its walls willy-nilly. Get your fill of more modern spaces
at Portland’s modern home tour. 

Understanding Your Old House

This Portland Community College’s series shows why it's important to understand the major systems of a house and how to prioritize projects before restoring or remodeling an old house.


Log homes are beautiful, affordable and energy efficient. You’ll get no-nonsense answers to all your log and timber-frame home questions and you can meet face-to-face with leading home producers, builders and suppliers.

15 Tips for Entertainment Centers

Technology has come a long way, but if your TV set is still atop a turn-of-the-century chest of drawers, you need to get with the program and rethink your media room needs. Oregon Home talked with a home theater specialist, a fine-furniture maker who’s built retractible TV cabinets, a designer, and an electrician about what to watch for when you set up a TV room.

Finding, Hiring and Dealing with Contractors

Before you start that remodeling project, you might want to sign up for this Portland Community College class, in which you'll learn how to find quality contractors and what your consumer rights are when it comes to time, payment and job quality.