Photo courtesy of Ebel Inc. Ebel Avallon collection.

Your Dream Outdoor Space 

Dream, define, and design your ideal outdoor living space. 

Dreaming about your outdoor living space can be exciting. Defining how you want to spend time on your patio and designing a look, blending comfort and relaxation, will enhance your ultimate dream space.  

Al’s Garden & Home is your destination for creating outdoor spaces, extending your options for entertaining and additional living space. During this season of milestones such as graduations, summer holidays, and family celebrations, inspiration abounds while the selection is good! Whether your defined space is a patio, deck, outdoor pool area, pergola, or covered balcony, the choices are endless to design your outdoor retreat. 

Define the perimeter with colorful umbrellas, bright pottery planted with hedges, shrubs, vining plants, and trellises to create privacy. Design an outdoor cooking space or kitchen with a grill, so you won’t have to leave the party or be stuck inside cooking. 

Living in lushness 

Fill your outdoor living space with gorgeous container plants, Al’s colorful hanging baskets, or interesting native trees and shrubs providing an inspirational environment.  Think about adding vining plants along your fence line or on your existing pergola. Jasmine, honeysuckle, and star jasmine will fill your space with amazing fragrance. 

Create warmth and relax 

Providing your friends, family, and guests with an aesthetic with warmth and visual interest invites them to linger longer. Firepits create warmth, as well as a cozy ambiance. They can be used year-round and operate with ease.  

Add windchimes or a bubbling fountain creating a relaxing environment.

Lounging in the shade or sun 

Patio furniture is a must to truly enjoy the outdoors. There are a variety of sets and materials to choose from, allowing for comfort, fashion, and functionality in your space. Deep-seating chairs, glider rockers, sofas, love seats, swivel recliner chairs, and even ice bucket end tables along with dining sets set the stage for lounging and entertaining. Some of the materials to choose from are: 

  • Aluminum – strong, durable, sleek 
  • Wicker – simple, graceful, colors to choose from 
  • Wood – easy to care for, natural 
  • Recycled materials – sustainable, all-weather, fade-resistant, in contemporary colors  

If your outdoor living space needs shade, consider adding an umbrella to the mix. Umbrellas can bring color, lighting, and functionality to your patio set. There are versions that rotate 360° providing shade as the sun journeys from east to west. 

Bring in the color and texture 

Pillows and fabrics can provide additional comfort and luxuriousness for an inviting space. Add pops of color with pillows of various fabrics, shapes, and sizes. Outdoor furniture fabrics come in various colors, are durable….and so comfortable.   

Imagine designing your ideal outdoor space with an Al’s Garden & Home expert, the same way you would approach your indoor space. It’s an extension of the way you live. Any size space can be created with the right elements appealing to your vibe.  Stand back, admire, and enjoy your new space!  Visit any of Al’s Garden & Home four locations or online at