Check Out This Cool Made-in-Oregon Kickstarter



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photo-original 1UPDATE: Dewayne’s Kickstarter has been selected as a staff pick! Such deserved recognition for a great Oregon-based entrepreneur!

One of our sponsors, DeWayne Lumpkin, wants your support for his Kickstarter! He’s selling Vintage British Transit Route Sign Fabric, which he describes as “upcycled vintage route signs from England into wall art, pillows, upholstery & clothing. Now I’m ready to print route sign fabric!” It’s a great way to invest in a uniquely Oregon project and backers get pretty cool products in return (from a mouse pad to an oversized wall hanging). It’s definitely worth a look!


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From DeWayne’s Kickstarter:

From the turn-of-the-last-century through today, double-decker buses in England sport one iconic element. A single black & white destination in the middle of the front of the bus alerting passengers where the bus is going. Printed on “calico cloth,” this original fabric was tightly woven to withstand cranking from the driver to advance destinations from one to the next all day long.

My Kickstarter Campaign seeks to fund the first edition run of 200 yards of Vintage British Transit Route Sign Fabric at a cost of $7,000. This includes initial design, testing prototypes, fabric production, pledge reward expenses & freight.

I have some strikingly beautiful pledge rewards, items you’ve never seen on Kickstarter – a few items that have never been available anywhere…true exclusives. Check them out & PLEDGE!

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The clock is ticking and time is of the essence when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. Support DeWayne (above), who is based in Grants Pass, here.