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Remodling Today???


WOW! 2015 is turning into a banner year for our members. All professionals in the remodeling industry are very busy andtheir great work re-enforces the homeown-

er’s decision to improve their existing home rather than moving. The value of staying in your own home has never been greater. Remodeling is an exciting time for homeowners as it is full of challenges and rewards. Selecting a professional remodeler is the first step in assuring a successful project. Borrowing rates are still very low which makes remodel- ing projects more affordable. So if you are considering remodeling part or all of your home, now may be the time to make it a reality. So how do you find a professional remodeler?

By reading this ORA/NARI Sourcebook you are well on your way. The professionals listed in the ORA/NARI Sourcebook are members of the Oregon Re- modelers Association, a chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Being a member of ORA/NARI means professional remodelers adhere to a code of ethics in their business practice, along with other industry professionals such as suppliers, designers, and architects. Together we work to promote professionalism and integrity in the remodeling industry.

With all the new technology in home improvement, there are many prod- ucts and questions homeowners will need answers to. The ORA’s website or are websites with valuable information to help consumers find the answers to their questions plus find the right professional and products for your project.

Members of ORA/NARI are also dedicated individuals helping our communi- ty. ORA/NARI partners with a non profit organization called ReFIT. ReFIT was started by an ORA/NARI members who joined together to help another mem- ber’s son after an accident. ReFIT is dedicated to helping those in our communi- ties who wish to stay in their homes and live with dignity while battling physical challenges. ORA/NARI partners with ReFIT to donate time and resources so it can continue helping members of our community.

I am very proud to be a member of this great organization and hope encour- age you to use an ORA/NARI member for your project.

DEBBIE ANDERSON, President of the ORA [email protected]