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New year, new ideas



Photo by Alexandra Shyshkina

The Oregon Home staff celebrates the New Year at Departure in Portland with Lemon Drops and vows to finally get their home projects done in 2012. 

(Resolutions from left to right).

“This is the year we redo our basement. That sound you hear is our daughters laughing hysterically. That’s because my husband and I have been talking about remodeling the basement pretty much since the beginning of time. I don’t know if we’re lazy or just plain chicken of change. In any case, 2012 is the year. Seriously.”
—Vivian McInerny, managing editor

“I want to add a few animals to my urban homestead, starting out small with angora rabbits so I can use their fur to turn into yarn. Chickens, bees and maybe even a goat are in the near future.”
—Emma Hall, web editor and writer

“I’m going to finally gut my 1970s bathroom with its black-and-white checkerboard tile and create a mini Zen spa. No small order for a space that’s not even big enough for a tub. ” 
—Robin Doussard, editor

“I’ve got to get rid of my Bed in a Bag decor that no adult man should still be using. I long to be the Queen of Sheba lounging in a new bed on a cloud of crisp, white luxury-hotel-quality bedding. I want Ian Schrager to weep with envy.”
—Jon Taylor Carter, creative director

“As I get closer to 30, my used Craigslist couch becomes more and more embarrassing. The time has come to grow up and purchase a brand spanking new couch from an actual store. Reduce, reuse, recycle can only be taken so far. ”
—Sophie Goodwin, designer