OREGON GARDEN: How to Make a Spring Wreath

Gone are the days when wreaths were just a Christmas accessory. Although they are great holiday decor, they can also be used to make fun, springtime flower arrangements. All it takes is a little creativity and your favorite seasonal blooms to make a beautiful spring wreath.

What you’ll need

For this project I gathered all of these materials from things I already had around my house. The grapevine wreath was one I used for a holiday wreath and it came as shown. These can be found at most craft stores. You may also gather your own branches and attach them to a wire wreath frame using floral wire.

You’ll need scissors, glue, and floral wire to construct your wreath. I used the burlap to make a bow (optional) which could also be substituted for ribbon or a pre-made bow.

The flowers you choose to put on your wreath is totally up to you. I chose this variety because they were all blooming in my yard. The colors look pretty together and they are all shaped very differently which gives some variety to the wreath. Faux flowers may also be used so you can enjoy your wreath forever.

Step One: Placing your flowers

IMG 2809

I didn’t want to cover my entire wreath with flowers, because I liked the look of the grapevines. I started on the right side sticking the flower stems in between the cracks. I found them to hold pretty well because of the sticks going every which way- but glue can also be used to secure the stems in place.

Step Two: Add more flowers!

IMG 2810

Continue adding as many flowers as you wish. This part is where you can really customize the wreath and make it fun.

Step Three: Add a bow

IMG 2811

You could add anything else to your wreath that you’d like. I chose a burlap bow because it added a little more to the wreath but it still has a rustic and natural feel. I made the bow by cutting my burlap square into 3 longer strips one one smaller strip. Create 2 circles with the longer strips. With the final long stri, let it hang down from behind. Use the smallest strip to tie around the middle and hold everything in place. Using ribbon or a pre-made bow would save some time and energy.

Step Four: Hang your creation and enjoy!

IMG 2812

The end result is a fun springtime wreath! Hang it on your door or above a fireplace. Swapping out old flowers is super easy also. Once they begin to wilt-cut some fresh flowers and stick between twigs for a  fresh wreath all spring long.

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