Editor’s Letter

Standing in front of Tres Shannon’s favorite new addition to his home, his octopus gate. Photo by David PaPazian.

In the novel The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, main character Dinah goes through trials so deep, many would die from sadness and grief alone. Near the end of the novel, her life takes a happier turn. And what gives her great pleasure, as it does so many of us, is her home. She writes, “I found great joy in keeping my own house. There was such sweetness in deciding where to place a chair, and in choosing what to plant in the garden. I relished creating my own order and hummed whenever I swept the floor or folded blankets. I spent hours arranging pots in the kitchen.

“My house was a world of my own possession, a country in which I was ruler and citizen, where I chose and where I served. One night, I thought I had lost my way. Standing in the middle of the street in the dead of night, I recognized my home by its smell—a mixture of coriander, clover, and Benia’s cedary scent.”

In this issue, we show the homes of local Oregon celebrities. Tres Shannon, the owner of Voodoo Doughnut, famous chef Vitaly Paley and wife Kimberly, world-renowned surfer Gerry Lopez, former Trail Blazer Channing Frye and Chris Isaak’s lead guitarist, Hershel Yatovitz, were all kind enough to let us step inside their personal spaces.

Whether you’re a celebrity or not, home is a very special place that can reflect so much about a person. We hope you’ll enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it, and that you’ll gather inspiration and joy for your own home!

Snow Blackwood
Editor & Creative Director
[email protected]

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