Eat Dirt!


I was domesticated reluctantly.

Dreams of white weddings and suburban bliss escaped me. Desires to feather a nest struck me a bird-brained. The very idea of taking on a 9-to-5 job, mortgage and family gave me the heebie-jeebies. The only thing I longed for was adventure!

I’d like to claim that I was wise and liberated beyond the times but, honestly, I think my motivation was fear. I dreaded one day I would find myself asking,  “How did I get here?” And the question would sound a lot less cool without the Talking Heads beat.

So the fact that I am actually feeling rather excited about a line of household products should scare me. But they’re just so darn interesting!

BiOWish products – yes, the random caps are annoying – make use of an enzyme technology that speeds up natural bio-chemical reactions. The 100 percent natural, non-toxic mixes can be added to water and used to clean up a backyard pond without killing the fish, rev-up your compost pile, help a septic tank do its job, or wash out garbage bins to eliminate stink.

Science geek that I’m NOT, I picture an enzyme like an old school Pac-Man eagerly eating all the gunk and junk in its path without leaving a trail of toxic waste.  And no joystick required.  BiOWish Technologies consumer products sell at True Value stores in Oregon.  Prices? Garbage Bin Wash, $7.75 for a six pack, Pond Cleaner, $7 for 10-pack. The Chicago-based company seems to do worthwhile work around the globe making agriculture, industry and consumer goods greener.

I may tell myself, this is my beautiful life.