Every Square Inch

With populations booming and people becoming ever more aware of their impact on the Earth, it seems only natural that our home sizes are shrinking and the tiny-house movement is here to stay. Making the most of a postage-stamp footprint, whether it’s one room or an entire house, by using multi-functional furniture, clever arrangements, smart storage solutions and a simple color palette can turn any small space into a savvy, dimension-stretching powerhouse designed to live large.


Keeping clutter off countertops is a must for small kitchens. Using racks to corral often used items keeps them at your fingertips while maintaining a tidy workspace.    

Steel & Wood Magnetic Refrigerator Rack | $48 |


Mirrors can visually double the space in a small room. Try using a mirrored backsplash to expand a cramped kitchen, or place a mirror across from a window to reflect and spread natural light, your small space best friend.  

Linea Mocha Floor Mirror | $599 |


Carve out a small entryway by making your walls do the work. Customize a wall mounted coatrack with hooks and baskets to hold miscellaneous items, adding a small bench underneath gives a landing spot for backpacks and shoes.

Portis Hat Rack | $19.99 |

clamp spotlight

Moving lighting to the wall eliminates the extra furniture or table space needed for a traditional lamp. Get creative and use them bedside, as task lighting for a small desk, or in a cozy reading nook.

Ranarp Wall/Clamp Spotlight | $19.99 |

bancroft rug

Distract the eye from a lack of excess space by going big and bold. Using a bold patterned rug, or large framed art creates a focal point for the eye and makes a tiny space feel grand.

Bancroft Rug | Starting at $96.99 |

day bed

A daybed can be a small space superhero, quickly transforming a living space into a bedroom at the addition or subtraction of a few throw pillows.

Indonesian Day Bed | $299.99 |


Transparent furniture opens up a space by alleviating visual weight. Look for glass or lucite pieces that allow your eye to travel, in turn making your space feel larger.

Glass Lorelei Accent Table | $89.99 |


Change your view on storage by turning it into art. Ladders placed against a wall provide a low-profile place to hang clothes, linens, or accessories while doubling as an interesting statement piece.

Umbra Organizational Ladder | $100 |

wall shelf

Consider wall shelves as the workhorses of small space living. Use in place of real estate stealing bedside tables, place by the front door as a catch all for keys and mail, or hang in the bathroom when counter space is at a minimum.

Portal Textured Black Wall Shelf | $29.95 |