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As the small living scene adapts, three Oregon couples have gone all in on construction of high-end tiny homes. Tiny Heirloom is poised to be a big player in a culture starting to value customization and refinement.

The Art of Downsizing

Plenty of people make the move from a smaller to a larger space, but what about the other way around? For an insider’s perspective we spoke with Marilyn Andersen, Principal Broker at Hoyt Realty Group.

Density Meets Design

Increasing populations and the rising cost of housing inspires these Oregonians to think outside of the single-family lot

Explore: Lake Oswego

Once a sleepy spot for homesteads and farms, today the picturesque and family-friendly city of Lake Oswego (or ‘Lake O’ as some refer to it) is decidedly more developed but still worth a visit, whether you’re spending an afternoon or simply passing through.

Every Square Inch

With populations booming and people becoming ever more aware of their impact on the Earth, it seems only natural that our home sizes are shrinking and the tiny-house movement is here to stay.

A Manhattan Apartment in Portland

Peter Spalding, Director of Design at Daniel House, brings a New York design aesthetic to Portland apartment living.