I sink therefore I am


tuna-sink.jpgThis won’t be pretty. You might want to avert your eyes. But I need to confess: I am in love with a sink.

Yes, that’s a little sad. It’s an inanimate object made of porcelain. It cannot love me back. But have you seen the graceful curve of it? The way the white ceramic appears to be swimming through water like an exotic sea creature? OK, so I’m not wild about its name — the TUNA washbasin — but it comes from Switzerland so I imagine that, like Hedi, the name just doesn’t translate.  Anyway, I’m sure I could come up with a suitable pet name. My little Minnow, my sweet Fin.

The Tuna washbasin comes from a long line of beautiful objects. The Laufen company has been around since 1892 in Switzerland. I know you can get Laufen taps and fixtures at Chown Hardware but what I want to splash around in a Laufen sink. And don’t get me started on the tubs.