Shower Power


thermasolMy dog needs subtitles.  We want to know what is going on inside that doggy noggin. Like the time he ran behind the stereo speakers to see where the voices were coming from.  And the night he barked fiercely at the horses galloping across the television screen.  Or when he did one of those head tilts at the sight of the running shower. It must have looked to him like a tiny room where it rained on command.

I’m having my own personal head-tilt moment at this  ThermaSol shower.  It is not just a place to get clean. The Serenity Light and Music System combined with the Aromatherapy Retractable Steam Heads with essential oils transforms the humble shower stall into a bliss-on-tap room.  It’s Nirvana through plumbing. It’s lather up for enlightenment. It’s heaven with a terry cloth towel.

Several Oregon outlets carry ThermaSol including  Chown Hardware, Consolidated Supply,Ferguson Enterprises, Keller and Standard Supply.

My dog will be baffled. But I’ll be blissed.