Be NRG smart


That first summer was a snap. Even when temperatures neared triple digits, our tiny floating home felt comfortable.  By winter we discovered why. The turn-of-the-century structure not only lacked insulation but also had leaks and gaps and cracks severe enough to turn our toilet bowl into a fine skating rink for mice.

That is not an exaggeration. The water in the toilet bowl froze solid. That no small rodent actually strapped on a pair of silver blades to perform figure eights in the lavatory is just an example of their utter lack of initiative.

There’s no reason to wait for the water to turn stiff before making your home more energy efficient.  Neil Kelly is part of an innovative program to help homeowners pursue energy retrofits for their home. The Energize SE Portland Project is a collaborative effort between Neil Kelly Home Performance and Umpqua Bank with the help of Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives.

have an innovative program to help Portland homeowners easily make the necessary changes. The project kicks off Saturday, July 30th with Energize SE Portland and runs citywide later this year.

The program offers a free Home Energy Audit with a qualified contractor to check inside and out for energy leaks, inefficient equipment, insulation, and air leaks. They recommend improvements, offer cost estimates, and go over financing options, and explain how to participate in state and federal tax credits and incentives.

For more information on scheduling an audit contact Neil Kelly Company.