An Alternative Wreath and Tree

A friend recently sent me this article about five alternative wreaths from local artists. The wreaths were designed to be viewed at Design Within Reach; then raffled off to benefit homeless youth through p:ear.

I fell in love immediately with the metal wreath from Esque Studio. Looking at it, I thought to myself, I have a bunch of metal sitting around. Maybe I can make a wreath. See, sometimes the Holidays are a bit overwhelming for me. Years ago I decided to abandon much of the decorating, including the tree, wreath and garlands, in favor of sleep and holiday get-togethers. I haven’t regretted that decision, but I might be able to pull off a metal wreath without too much added stress. Check out the scrap metal circles in the pics below. These would work – and I have plenty of old belts and chain to hang them with. Who knows? I might even add a bow.

alternativewreath1 alternativewreath2 alternativewreath3

Well, then I started wondering if there were other ways to decorate for the holidays with stuff sitting around. Do you find getting the tree, bringing it home, unloading and setting it up, decorating it, vacuuming needles, and then facing the depressing task of taking it down to be a big hurdle to your holiday enjoyment? Me too – so I concentrated on the tree. Turning to Pinterest, I found a huge amount of creative ideas. If you would like to make a small, clever, but not too involved “tree” using items you have sitting around, check out the following links:

  1. Use that handy ladder as a tree. String some lights or tinsel and pile the presents underneath.
  2. We’ve all seen cards strung into a garland, but how about stringing that garland into the shape of a tree? Or affixing them to the wall in the shape of a tree?
  3. This is an amazing idea – people make trees piled out of books!
  4. Those oh-so-useful crates that can be used to organize just about anything can also be used to make a tree.
  5. Do you have a chalkboard wall? Draw a tree. Tape up decorations if you are so inclined.
  6. Bottle trees – these are amazing. Probably not a good idea around kids or cats though.
  7. How about ornaments, tinsel or lights? String them up in the shape of a tree and decorate how you see fit.
  8. Twigs, branches or sticks – arranged impressionistic-ally or literally, this is a cool look.
  9. Metal hangers – perhaps my favorite?
  10. Wrapping paper – take those rolls of paper and cut to size, hang from the wall and voilá!


Does this help? Would you consider making a tree in 20 minutes out of household objects a viable alternative to a lot of work? Agreed – these are good ideas. Here’s the Pinterest board.