On Message

Photography by Courtney Jade

Jessica Wilcox is positively charged. The graphic designer, who fell in love with modern farmhouse style several years ago, translates her passion for hand-lettering, great design and homemaking at events she holds at Lovejoy Workshop, her store and studio in Hillsboro. There, she hosts almost nightly creativity sessions, where visitors can have a drink while making fun signs and gifts for the home. “There is so much unkindness in the world,” Wilcox said. “We are on a mission to be kind and love one another, and we’re all about reinforcing that in the home.”  Participants in the workshop sometimes enter with self-doubt about their abilities, but it only takes a few ca-thunks of the nail gun before they feel empowered and excited. As for their messages, they are as personal – or as universal – as they come: Favorite quotes, welcome signs, placards noting Grandma’s Rose Garden, family mottos or reminders of important truths. “One of my favorites is: ‘Be a voice, not an echo,’” Wilcox said.