Ceiling Fans Change the Whole Kitchen


New Kitchen Designs can cure a severe case of conversatious interuptus. Don’t recognize the term? Don’t  feel bad. We didn’t either.

In our newly-acquired dictionary of obscure and most certainly fictitious design terms, conversatious interuptus is “any design feature that disrupts, interrupts or in any way impedes conversation within a dwelling.” 

Planned Location of New Range

2014SS NeilKelly1 1Neil Kelly design consultant Barbara Murphy had a client with a bad case of conversatious interuptus.  “Our client’s 1980s kitchen was woefully inadequate for a budding gourmet cook and his family,” she says. “His primary goal was to cook on a  commercial-style range without a hood obstructing the view to the family room.”

It is a common problem. When friends and family come to visit, nine times out of ten everyone winds up in the kitchen. One solution: a ceiling-mounted exhaust fan—complete with LED lighting—strong enough to pull smoke and vapor out of the kitchen without getting in the way of a good story.

Look, up in the soffit! It’s a vent. It’s a light. It’s a — cloud?

While the word “Cirrus” most often describes a cloud formation, it is also the brand name for a new type of hoodless ceiling exhaust fan. Powerful, quiet, and—most important—out of sight, the unobtrusive brushed stainless steel ceiling fan has four speeds, brilliant LED lighting and mesh filters. “The clients and I all love the Cirrus,” Barbara says. “It does a great job as an exhaust fan and the remote blower is outside the house so it creates very little noise.” 

Due to existing framing in the client’s outdated kitchen, the Neil Kelly crew was forced to rethink the entire duct system a couple times before deciding to build a soffit to make room for
the ducts. 

2014SS NeilKelly1 2In the end, the client got everything he was looking for: a brand new kitchen with additional storage, a new six-burner stove for those budding culinary skills and an exhaust fan he  can talk about—rather than talking around.

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