Home of the future



It took nearly 40 years for the television to reach 75 percent of the homes in America.  Smart phones reached the same level of usage in only five. Technology is changing the way Americans live and at an increasingly rapid pace. 

At the 7th annual Better Living Show in Portland’s Expo Center March 29-30, see how businesses are combining technological innovation and sustainability practices to improve our homes and our lives.   

Whether one is building a new space or upgrading an existing one, there are plenty of green technology options to consider from advanced materials to systems that improve water and energy efficiency.    

Catch a glimpse of the future with General Electric’s Home 2025 project. GE designers examined the technological enhancements and consumer lifestyles that will change our homes and the way we prepare meals, wash clothes and interact with information as families in the next twelve years.  Visitors can tour living spaces designed with these changes in mind.  

More than just a home event, the Better Living Show has plenty of ideas for incorporating sustainability into modern life. Enjoy the largest annual fashion show of eco-conscious apparel and accessories in the Pacific Northwest. Pick up tips and tricks on gardening and food preservation from OSU Master Gardeners and Master Preservers.  Enjoy organic food products and take in the vegan food demonstrations.

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Find it all at the Better Living Show, March 29-30 at the Portland Expo Center. Learn more here.