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An upscale Japanese-American lifestyle brand finds beauty in sustainability.

Karen Miller

A fading artform—the exquisite Japanese stencil dyeing known as katazome—is alive and well in Oregon, thanks to Karen Miller. The Corvallis, Ore., fabric artist creates stunning katazome textiles, such as Tide Pool 3 (right), but infuses her fabrics with distinctly Northwest imagery. “The Japanese stencilmakers depicted nature in their stencils,” says Miller. “I put my plants and animals into my designs: maidenhair ferns, trilliums, tide pool animals.”

Nanette Davis

Shop Talk

Growing up, fiber artist Nanette Davis was always looking for something to make. “I was really good at using whatever I could find,” she says. “Once, I was bored at my grandmother’s, and I found some old matchbook covers and crayons and made my own scratchboards.”

Tom Cantwell

Image When Tom Cantwell bought a sewing machine, he had no idea that it would lead to turning leftover and vintage fabrics into one-of-a-kind curtains.