Fresh start

2012DecJan_Homeward_HandPrintedPillowsDelicious design, fabulous furniture and more than a few glorious gifts.

Homeward bound

2012DecJan_Homeward_ArchitectSusanCollard01These books can take you into a different world, even if you don’t read a word. Architect Susan Collard creates art books that open up and unfold like mystic tales.

Mod earth mother

Jayme Jenkins digs dirt. But she’s not the country type. That presented a problem when she sought garden accessories for her Eugene home.

Prize winning

2012DecJan_Homeward_PrizeJennifer Streit’s store, Prize, was inspired by her love of vintage items and by something her older sister would say.

Get the look: Wide-open spaces

2012DecJan_DeconstructEveryone loves a wide-open space until it comes time to furnishing one. Without walls to clearly define one room from another, a loft presents a unique design challenge. How do you make the place feel homey while maintaining that appealing visual flow?

Object lessons

2012DecJan_Objects01We asked five people to share a few of their favorite things.