Backyard Makeover

Have you ever dreamt of gazing out your window onto a picturesque patio adorned with beautiful paving stones, a cozy fire pit, or a stunning retaining wall? Kim and her family certainly did, and they embarked on an inspiring journey to bring this vision to life. Daunting? Perhaps. Achievable? Absolutely.

Nestled in the heart of West Linn, Oregon, Kim’s backyard was initially a “swampy mess” upon moving in. Determined to transform this space into a haven for their family, Kim and her husband embarked on a mission. “I had a few things that were must-haves for me. The firepit, the covered structure,” Kim shared. Thus, they opted to install pavers, and now, the end result fills Kim with joy.

Their journey commenced over two years ago with a complete overhaul of the backyard, save for a resilient maple tree. After consulting with experts and perusing an array of colors at Western Interlock’s facility in Rickreall, OR; they settled on their choice, ensuring it resonated with their vision before committing.

First and foremost, their hardscape exudes elegant beauty. The Granite Stone patio, complemented by a modest Chateau Wall™ retaining wall, presents a breathtaking sight that captivates all who behold it. “Everybody that comes over loves it,” Kim beams.

Secondly, their DIY endeavor translated into substantial savings. Estimates from local contractors hovered between $75,000 to $125,000, a figure that didn’t align with their budgetary aspirations. “We estimate that we probably spent about $56,000. And we got everything we wanted,” Kim shared.

Lastly, they would embark on this journey again in a heartbeat. Kim’s unwavering belief in their capability to undertake the task themselves was the driving force. “There wasn’t ever a moment where I thought, ‘Oh, let’s just get a contractor and have them come in and do it.’ It was never like that. I think my husband and I were both of the mindset that we can do it. You know, it may take us a while, but we can do it,” Kim affirmed. And indeed, they did.

For Kim, the sense of fulfillment derived from their backyard transformation is unparalleled. “I get to come back here and enjoy on a daily basis. I have a great sense of accomplishment,” she shares. Every moment spent, whether laying stones or sculpting the landscape, serves as a testament to their dedication and craftsmanship.

Kim and her family’s remarkable journey is inspiring, showcasing the transformative power of perseverance and creativity. We’re thrilled to share their story, hoping it ignites a spark of inspiration in others seeking to redefine their outdoor spaces themselves using products from Western Interlock.