Lanny DeVuono

Spokane, Wash., painter Lanny DeVuono’s pieces are a twist on traditional landscapes: She uses boxes as canvases, wrapping the painting over five sides, and chooses industrial scenes (think powerlines and factories) rather than bucolic ones. But she does have a common thread with the original landscape painters. “In the 19th century, painting landscapes was a way to romanticize the loss of nature to the Industrial Revolution,” says DeVuono. “That’s relevant today. When I drive to work every day, I see development eating up land.”

   These boxes (left and below) are from her American Short Stories series, a collection of 72 6-inch-square boxes that are “visual slices of our social landscape.” While this series is in its second year, DeVuono (who’s earned art degrees from Mills College in Oakland, Calif., and Antioch University in Seattle) has also started on paintings based on her time last year in Kerala, India on a Fulbright Fellowship. American Short Stories boxes range from $750 to $850.

Contact painter Lanny DeVuono through the Froelick Gallery (817 S.W. 2nd Ave.; 503-222-1142) in Portland.