Heavenly Hosts

Whether you’re headed to your own home or to a friend’s, we’ve got your list covered.




Schoolhouse Promenade Apron 1

Promenade cross-back apron
$198 |

“I actually want to do dishes when I wear this apron.”
— Emily Grosvenor, Editor


SummitSistersCo PNW Tea Towels 2

SummitSistersCo Forest Tea Towel
$13.50 |


Olive oil vinegar gift box

Classic olive oil and vinegar gift box
$45 |


Camas Davis   Killing It

Killing It: An Education by Camas Davis
$27 |


Tilt Salt Dish

Tilt salt dish
$36 |



Mt. Hood toasted onion rub
price varies |


Jacobsen Salt

Six-vial infused salt set
$35 |





Cloud Forest Chocolate   picaro 2 1

Cloud forest chocolate


Stollen 5

price varies |

“This stollen has stolen my heart.”
– Alison Kattleman, Graphic Designer


Lovejoy Bakers ginger cookie

Ginger molasses cookie


Vanilla bean caramels

Vanilla bean caramels
$10 |


Sparkle sugar plum truffle EDIT

Sparkle Sugar Plum truffle
$60 |





Honey Oatmeal Bar

Honey oatmeal bar
$7 |


Frankincense Myrrh Sachets

Frankincense and myrrh sachets
$6.65 |


Sisal Wash Cloth

Sisal wash cloth
$10 |


Wolfs Home Spray

Home spray
$22 |

“The better my home smells, the happier I am.”
– Courtney Kutzman, Publisher


Revive oil 1 1

Revive Nourishing rose-infused bath and body oil
$22 |


Hygge West 1

Hygge + West Home: Design for a Cozy Life by Christiana Coop and Aimee Lagos
$35 |


Schoolhouse Brass Incense Set 2

Brass incense set
$38 |





Schoolhouse Brass Mister

Brass mister
$38 |


Hand forged Garden Trowel

Hand-forged garden trowel
$35 |


Camamu Get Dirty Gardening Soap

Get Dirty gardening soap
$6 |


Portland Waxed Cotton Rain Hat

Portland waxed cotton rain hat
$40 |


Garden Lust book

Gardenlust: A Botanical Tour of the World’s Best New Gardens by Christopher Woods
$40 |

“I’m completely rethinking my garden plan based on this.”
– Greta Hogenstad, Project Manage