Fab faucets

As one of the most utilitarian rooms in the house, the bathroom often gets short shrift in the design department, but something as simple as a great sink faucet can make a big splash. The days of the basic spout with a large, faceted plastic knob are long gone, replaced by faucets that can double as decor. Whether you want to add a bit of whimsy or color, go for glamour or tradition, or find something sleek and modern, there’s a wide range of styles and finishes available to match your design sensibility. For inspiration, check out our selections.

Batlo in blue
 2012AugSept FabFaucets 01
2012AugSept FabFaucets 02 
Embrace in polished chrome
Penguin faucet
 2012AugSept FabFaucets 03
 2012AugSept FabFaucets 04
Cobblestone in copper finish
Watermark Designs 
Paris in satin-gold finish
Watermark Designs 
2012AugSept FabFaucets 05 

 2012AugSept FabFaucets 06
Ondus velvet black digital faucet 
Versailles faucet with onyx handles
 2012AugSept FabFaucets 07
2012AugSept FabFaucets 08 
Georgian embellished faucet
Prices start at $964
Devonshire two-tone faucet
Prices start at $114
2012AugSept FabFaucets 09 
2012AugSept FabFaucets 10 
Bronze Victorian-style charm
Delta Faucet