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Between us


We’ve christened our August/September issue “transformations” for good reason. The hot, languid days of summer evolve into the cool, crisp days of autumn during this glorious turning point in the seasons. It’s my favorite time of the year. While I am savoring the last summer vegetables, I’m also developing a taste for crisp fall apples, crisper weather and college football. (Too bad I’m a Miami Hurricanes fan.)

To celebrate the changing seasons, I’ll raise a glass of Oregon wine. Entertaining editor Lucy Burningham had the tough duty of finding the best selections for this transitional season. Garden editor Lucy Hardiman (we have a thing for Lucys) calls August-September her gateway to autumn, and glories in the way Mother Nature cranks up the color for her finale. To me, that last burst of beauty is as good as a fireworks display (and without the fire marshal). Read both Lucys and you will have an excellent guide to finding the right wine to savor while admiring your fall-color garden.

Transformation also applies to the work our team has been doing on our website, For the past few months we’ve been completely overhauling the site, adding original stories by managing editor Vivian McInerny and news items by web editor Emma Hall, along with expanding on the stories from the magazine with more photos and content. Many folks contributed to this effort, but a special shout-out to creative director Jon Taylor Carter, designer Sophie Goodwin and Bjorn van der Voo, our web production manager, for putting together the structure and design that is so important to a successful online publication. Please let us know what you think.Also important in our online efforts to serve our readers is the launch of our weekly Oregon Home e-newsletter. Each Thursday, it will bring you highlights of our magazine along with web stories and a fun poll. (Sign up here.) 

As with most transformations, the work is never really done, but this sweet spot between summer and fall is the perfect time to sit back, relax and consider what the next season will bring.

Robin Doussard