Between us

We’ve christened our August/September issue “transformations” for good reason. The hot, languid days of summer evolve into the cool, crisp days of autumn during this glorious turning point in the seasons. It’s Editor Robin Doussard’s favorite time of the year.

Falling into fabulous

2011AugSept_Homeward_BerkleyIllustrationPrintsAs summer wanes and autumn approaches, great ideas to bridge the seasons.

The great cover-up

2011AugSept_Homeward_AcanthusUpolsteryShop_01Customers come to Acanthus upholstery shop in Portland with everything from solid sofas to vague ideas. Anne Thompson helps them realize their dreams in eco-friendly fashion.

Designing home work

Independent design Studio Gorm  in Eugene offers a unique collection of limited-run furniture, lamps and other household products.2011AugSept_Homeward_StudioGorm_01

Living color

2011AugSept_LivingColor_01Interior designer Allison Smith immerses herself into detective work to get to the heart of the perfect palette.

Get the look: Jupiter Hotel

2011AugSept_ModernComfortOne-night stands aren’t often pretty. But designer Colin Fjeld aimed to make an overnight stay at The Jupiter Hotel a beautiful experience worth bringing home.

Hilltop home and hearth

2011AugSept_HomeAndHearth_01Steve Nemirow and Julie O’Toole designed a hilltop home that incorporates their love of books, gardening, art and cooking.