Headboard alternatives

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and start making a mental list? Stuff you have to do, something you need to remember, the solution to a problem, some awesome idea?

Me too. The other night I woke up thinking about headboards. More specifically: non-traditional headboard options. These options are for people who are downsizing and want to lose the bedroom set, first apartment dwellers, anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on a headboard, people with commitment issues who like to frequently change their look, and anyone tired of the traditional. Also, this is for people who use so many damn pillows that you cannot see a traditional headboard anyway. (I fall in this category.)

Does any of that describe you? Even if it doesn’t, maybe you’re curious! So here are some ideas:

1. Paint on a headboard. This can be a regular old rectangle, or you can add a little bling to the thing.

2. Old doors and shutters. I really like them when they overlap. Also try putting fabric behind the empty windowpanes.

3. A chalkboard or chalkboard paint. This could be soooo much fun – think of the message options!

4. Ombre paint – in the shape of a headboard?

5. Old tin tiles. Love love love this one.

6. Books! Check out book covers, stacked books and open books. For real – people are so creative!

7. An old fireplace mantle. My fave!

8. And for a laugh, check out this post from Suburban Turmoil about the new Restoration Hardware Baby and Kids line of furniture. I loved the satirical comments so much I read it twice (and I’m now following the Suburban Turmoil FB page. Boo yah). If you are NOT attracted to these rooms purportedly for children, perhaps you will instead like this headboard from pool noodles. Kind of an anti-Restoration Hardware look, don’t you think?

There are soooo many more alternative ideas for cool, creative headboards. You know the drill: here’s a Pinterest board. Got any great ideas / pics to add to the mix? The one above is a start: the shutters could be flipped on their side – headboard material?