Restoring Your Hardwood Floors to a Fresh Shine

Hardwood floors are beautiful and welcoming, but they can become scratched and worn down over time. Restoring hardwood floors yourself isn’t hard, but requires a little attention to detail.

Success in Today’s Market

In an increasingly crowded and noisy world, it is the simple things that make a business stand out from its competitors.

7 Tips to Help You Tackle a Kitchen Renovation

In most households, the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home. So when the time comes for a kitchen renovation, we may find it to be one of the most difficult projects in terms of the disruption to our everyday life.

How To: Tune-up your door

The sun is shining and it’s warm outside. Now is the time to straighten up entry doors and get them swinging right. Here are the steps for a basic door.

Headboard alternatives

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and start making a mental list? Stuff you have to do, something you need to remember, the solution to a problem, some awesome idea? Me too. The other night I woke up thinking about headboards. 

Color evolution

Produced by the marketing department of Oregon Home

Choosing the right color may seem like the most important part of picking a paint. You want something that pleases the eye and matches your home decor. After all, you look at those walls every day. Paint isn’t just about color, though. You trust your home’s integrity to a thin layer of roll-on protection, so quality is just as important as color.

Start kidding around about art

There is this truck that I keep seeing around town — a little van-type thing. It sells corporate art. I believe the side of the truck says, Really Boring and Homogenous Prints for Your Office! Not really. But you get my point?

Dreaming of a DIY deck

I want to spend my entire deck budget on design and craftsmen, with a negligible amount spent on materials. I want to make the whole shebang from scrap: metal, concrete, and brick. I am super-duper-extra-special tired of staining and repainting a wood deck, and I know that there are plenty of materials out there just waiting to be repurposed.