Stellar shelter

When Joe and Linda Kintz replaced a rotting gazebo in their Eugene hillside garden, they wanted more than just a basic garden shed. “We wanted space for storage, but we didn’t want anything ugly,” says Linda. “Those aspects came together in the design.”

2013SpringSummer Homeward Kiosk 01

// Photos by Sierra Breshears

The Kintzes asked Eugene architect Gary Moye, who had remodeled their home and some of its outdoor areas, to design the new structure. “Gary is interested in landscape,” says Joe. “We knew he could design for our yard.”

The 10-foot-square garden kiosk, with a pyramidal cedar-shingle roof, is functional and decorative. Inside, the kiosk is plumbed and wired for electricity and has workspace and shelving along three walls to provide storage and space for potting plants.

2013SpringSummer Homeward Kiosk 04The exterior details — such as the open latticework, bench-style steps and copper-capped rafters — make it a focal point of the garden. Located at the top of the lawn, the kiosk offers sight lines of the yard and its trees and plantings. “I wanted the structure to be practical, expressive and at home in its setting,” says Moye.

In winter, inserted clear plastic panels and a glazed door protect plants from the cold weather and provide a cozy getaway space. “It’s very nice to read out there in winter,” says Joe. “It’s a little cold, but I take a space heater.”