A better move

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2013SpringSummer YS AlienBox 03While you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about cardboard moving boxes, try to remember your last move. Did you have to find, assemble and eventually get rid of piles of cardboard boxes? There’s a better way.

Beekeeping suppliers pop up

So you’ve conquered backyard chickens. What next to do on your urban homestead? Beekeeping is a great choice, as it both helps the plants in your garden and provides you with delicious local honey. Luckily, beekeeping suppliers are popping up around Oregon.

Strong starts

Every spring I look forward to buying tomato starts. Even though my yard suffers from neglect rooted in lawn hate (I just can’t bring myself to care for a lawn I plan to remove one glorious day), I love my raised garden beds. I can’t remember the last year I didn’t grow tomatoes. Even when I rented a duplex, I’d plant beefsteaks in containers and hope for the best.

Oregon made products

2013SpringSummer Homeward DownToEarth 04We round up our favorite products, shops and artists from Oregon for Spring and Summer 2013.

Project showcase: Midcentury kitchen

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2013SpringSummer YS MacBo 01Suzy Vitello moved into this ranch-style home knowing the future held renovations. The kitchen in particular was in need of an upgrade, from the pea-green walls to the peninsula cabinets, which gave the space a cell-like feel. “A bank of upper cabinets cut us off not only physically from the dining room, but emotionally as well,” Vitello says.

Out of the ashes

2013SpringSummer PhoenixRising 01After her Hillsboro house was destroyed, Donna Reynolds seized her second chance to build her dream home.

Contemporary Craftsman kitchen remodel

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2013SpringSummer YS Willco 01Elizabeth Epping adored so many things about her 1910 Southeast Portland bungalow, including the home’s basic layout and original architectural details. But the kitchen, which still had Montgomery Ward cabinetry from the 1920s and a closed feeling, needed a major refresh.

Evolving Eden

A passion for plants, texture and entertaining shapes a whimsical backyard retreat.