Pop-up Pools

Over the last several years, shipping containers have become common place in the world of architecture. These large metal containers can often be seen gracing the pages of design magazines rescued from their landfill doom and resurrected into truly stunning works of modern architecture. Well, chalk up another use for these commonly discarded boxes. Innovative companies like Modpools are now turning unused shipping containers into ready-to-go swimming pools. Using the structure of the container, the pools only take a couple of minutes to set up and can include a spa section.

pools 2

Designed with a divider to turn half the pool into a hot tub with a built-in a heater, these pools work well in changing climates. (Hint: Oregon.) The fact that they’re made from portable containers also means that the pools can be relocated and taken with you when you move. From a simple above-ground pool to stunning watering holes that blend in seamlessly with your landscaping, shipping containers can be used to create just about any look you can dream up. With the hot summer months approaching, it’s always nice to find new ways to cool off.

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