Lisa Congdon’s Creative Space

You will know her by her bold strokes. Portland artist Lisa Congdon is the poster child for the courageous mid-career shift and a leading voice in the new creativity movement. From her new studio and shop in North Portland, Congdon shares with us her thoughts on some of the best practices for setting up personal creative spaces. Whether you have a tiny closet devoted to your creative genius or a whole room to use, it is worth it to set up a space of your own. Congdon’s new retail shop in North Portland is open Wednesday and Friday, 1–5 p.m.

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1. Stack works in progress in their own spot.

2. Keep your art supplies visible.

3. Cluster like-supplies together.

4. Make space for inspiration.

5. Store references within reach.

6. Make a comfortable spot to rest.

7. Display your work proudly. (Painting: Lucky Charms by Lisa Congdon, 2018)

“People often think creativity only happens spontaneously, but most of the time, like anything, you have to make mental space and time for it.”

— Lisa Congdon