Aurora Glass recycled drawer pulls benefit charity



2011JuneJuly_Homeward_GlassDrawerPulls01So many of the things that make Oregon a good place to live come together in these glass drawer pulls. They’re sustainable, handcrafted, lovely to look at, and sales benefit charitable programs. Aurora Glass near Eugene produces home products made entirely of recycled window glass. The foundry heats the crushed glass with metallic oxides to create brilliant shades of cobalt, emerald, aqua and amethyst. The molten liquid is turned into decorative drawer pulls, tiles, vases, votives and other items. Aurora Glass also does custom work incorporating clients’ designs. The entire operation is 2011JuneJuly_Homeward_GlassDrawerPulls02run by the St. Vincent de Paul charity, so profits assist homeless and low-income people through crisis. It’s kind of a win-squared business model. Up-cycle a shabby night stand with classic round or square glass pulls, or whimsical stars and fish shapes, $12-$14.  Dress a table with a set of four glass napkin rings, $20, or flickering votives, $10 each. Rejuvenation and Chown Hardware carry some Aurora Glass products.