Summer sizzle: hot trends



Old meets new

Constructed from mill end lumber or reclaimed pallet wood, the console table from Portland design house Von Tundra is sure to become a family heirloom. Sturdy enough to hold its own under a flat-screen TV and also with space inside for a turntable, the made-to-order piece is a blend of modern and conventional.


Good works

Designer Aurelie Tu’s Crafted Systems collaborates with Portland’s YWCA to create these felt vessels. The vases, which use an interlocking weave rather than glue or stitching, provide YWCA women with real-life skills and you with the perfect handcrafted display piece.

2011JuneJuly_Homeward_FeltVessels01 2011JuneJuly_Homeward_FeltVessels02



Paper blooms

The perfect decoration for any celebration, these tissue paper pom-poms from Portland company PomLove would also look great grouped in a corner of a room to provide a burst of color. The almost Dahlia-like blooms are available in any color combination to suit your fancy.
Starting at $6;

Hanging gardens

Tiny fairylike indoor gardens, terrariums are a must-have. Andy Kovel and Justin Parker of Portland’s Esque Studios take it one step further with these hanging beauties, whose gentle silhouettes are offset by the sturdy leather strap from which they are hung.


Rack it up

The Merkled Studio in Portland wanted to come up with a way to use salvaged steel loam ends from a weaving company a few blocks from the studio. The results are these shockingly colored pot racks with organic lines that are sturdy enough to display your cast iron pan collection.


Single use serviette

With the ease of paper towels but the luxury of cloth, it’s a wonder
MyDrap wasn’t invented decades ago. Speed up your housework with the serviettes available in 100% cotton or linen. It’s up to you whether you want to wash and reuse or use them for one occasion only. But you needn’t feel bad; they’re biodegradable.


Map it out

Portland artist Megan Scheminske creates minimalist paintings of favorite Pacific Northwest locations based on the way they appear on Google maps. Show your local love with modern lines and stark colors.
By commission;


Portland-based TalkingSquid updates classic ’70s shag pillows and rag rugs in a modern, eco-friendly way. Made out of recycled T-shirts, the plush items are perfect for injecting a little comfort and whimsy into your space.
$50-$598; TalkingSquid;



La fée verte

Portlander Andy Paiko’s intricate
absinthe fountains, sleek and expertly proportioned, are made of blown and assembled glass reminiscent of Victorian times. Made to order.
Price on request;


Road trip

Portland’s Cargo is filled floor-to-ceiling with textiles, furniture and more. Now North Coast trinket lovers and exotic furniture fans can get their fix at Cargo’s Astoria shop.
240 11th St., Astoria