7 Home Maintenance Projects You Need To Do Before Summer!


While we know a good portion of the country is still buried in snow this week, it is the time to begin scheduling out some springtime weekends at home to complete your regular maintenance and home improvement projects. After you’ve knocked these seven home projects off your honey do list, you’ll be able to fully embrace the summer weather that we all deserve without a hassle!

First off, let’s all make sure our Christmas lights have come down by now, OK? Then, put these projects on the calendar:

iStock 000010316576 Small1.     Deck Sealing & Repair

Most likely, your wooden deck took a beating this winter. If Mother Nature brought you mounds of heavy, wet, icy snow this winter, you’ll want to do a complete inspection to ensure the integrity of your deck. Even without the weight of snow, the constant variation between sunny and wet weather can cause deck boards to cup and misbehave over time. Best to hire an inspector, but you can visually check for decay, beam sag, loose railings, wobbly stairs, and make sure the ledger properly connects to your home. 

2.     Machine Maintenance

Performing some regular maintenance on your lawn maintenance machines at the start of the season will ensure they’re ready when you need them. Before your first push, your lawn mower probably needs an oil change, spark plug cleaning or replacement, and a cleaned or replaced air filter. Sharpening the mower blade may require a bit more effort, but is important step to keep the blade sharp enough to cut and not tear the grass. While you’re at it, give your weed eater a good wipe down and give it a new string cartridge.

3.     Window Washing

When the sun is shining this summer, you’ll be glad you took the time to give your exterior windows a good washing!  Although the exterior can be a pain, here are some hints to make it more efficient: Strap on an empty carpenter’s belt and equip yourself with spray cleaner, towels or newspaper, and a squeegee. Always wash from top to bottom. Have someone hold your ladder at all times. Voila! Crystal clear views all summer long.

4.     Air Conditioning Tune Up

A properly maintained air conditioning system operating in an efficient manner will keep you cool, but will also help you save on your summer spiked electric utility bills. We recommend hiring a professional for servicing, but depending on which type of air conditioning system you use, regularly inspect blower fan belts and cooler pads, and replace if needed. Clean or replace the house fan filter, clean coils, and straighten all the evaporator and condenser coil fins. Check and clean the water pan, piping, and pump. Remember not to cool the house when no one is home. You can easily put a timer on your system to activate air conditioning just before you arrive home if you have a regular schedule.  

5.     Roof and Gutter Inspection

Once the roof is clear of snow, safely ascend on a ladder and take a look around. Take note of any small problems, and take steps to correct them now.  Gutters should be inspected as well, with any cracks in the seams or damage from snow or falling branches being addressed ASAP. 

6.     Pressure Washing

Remove stains, dirt, and mildew from the exterior of your home, driveway, patios, and pathways with a quick pressure washing. Be sure to choose the correct nozzle or tip. In general, the smallest angled tip delivers the strongest stream. For example, to remove a stubborn driveway stain, use a 0 degree angle. However, switch to a 25 or 45 degree nozzle to move lightweight debris away from your house.

7.     Refresh Your Home Décor

With the change of seasons, it is incredibly fun and revitalizing to make some interior design changes inside the home. Why not move some furniture around in a different configuration to highlight a new area of your home? If there is one room that gets the most traffic during the summertime, invest in some fun new pieces to make it more comfortable and inviting!  Set the dinner table with a new set of fun, colorful serving ware, or attend the grill with a new set of kitchen accessories! You’ll be pleasantly surprised each time you walk into your refreshed home and notice the little bit of extra effort.