Audio Files

The Northwest Home designs a local business owner a place for listening. 

Photos by AJ Meeker

An ideal music room requires a balance of great storage, clever curation and understanding of sound. Erica Leader, the designer behind The Northwest Home, accomplished this and more with this music room for Sarah Hefte, the owner of the Pearl music shop Everyday Music. “She really deserved something that showcases her livelihood and her passion,” Leader says. The designer transformed a standard drywall room in the Rose City home into an audiophile’s dream, including custom built-ins to accommodate Hefte’s more than 1,000 vinyl records, 8-track tapes, cassettes and CDs. The team worked with local experts at Freddy’s Sound to install a speaker system. A classic Eames recliner was the final design note. “The whole point of a music room is to sit and listen — so it’s worth investing in quality seating,” Leader says.