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The Dream Bedroom Makeover

Text and photos by Jordan Burgass

After moving into a spacious five-bedroom house, Christy Greagor and her husband, Steve, found themselves in a bigger bedroom that they had difficulty filling. “Definitely a larger bed, now that we have the space” was near the top of their dream-bedroom list, and Christy found it important that the space be “a quiet and calm place” where she could retreat when “It’s Mom’s time out.”

As the winner of Oregon Home’s Dream Bedroom Makeover Contest, the Greagors’ bedroom got the makeover it deserved. While Christy and Steve’s bedroom already possessed style, it wasn’t entirely cohesive. The size of the room was underutilized, and the paint on the walls made the room appear smaller than it was. The bedroom’s closet lacked strong organization and was nearing its storage capacity. The couple’s bedroom was by no means an eyesore, but it needed the aid of two professionals to transform the space into the bedroom of the couple’s dreams.

In stepped interior designer Amy Troute and professional organizer MaryJo Monroe. Troute and Monroe sat down with Christy, to understand her bedroom needs: “a simple and clean space.” With Christy being a mom of four while holding down a full-time job, her days tend to be long, and she finds much importance in possessing a relaxing space where she can get away.

With Christy’s desires in mind, Troute wanted to give the room a “vintage, soft look,” which she felt would reflect Christy’s style and provide that space of tranquility she was in search of. She lightened the space with Colorhouse paints, Nourish .02 on the walls and Bisque .01 for the trim. With budget in mind, Troute found ways to renew Christy’s space without breaking the bank, like utilizing the free paint from Colorhouse to renew a dresser. They purchased two vintage trunks that both contribute to the room’s “vintage” look and provide more bedroom storage.