Bathrooms 2.0

GL2012 Bathrooms01Make saving resources a priority when you remodel.

Young and fresh

GL2012 YoungAndFresh01Improve the health of your child’s room with eco-friendly options.

Clean and cool

GL2012 GreenIdeas PaperNorPlastic20 green ideas to make your home beautiful and the planet better.

Clean sweep

GL2012 GreenIdeas CleanSweep01Pick up a broom and be swept off your feet. Feel the love that goes into each of these handcrafted brooms made in Eugene with sustainably harvested wood and natural broomcorn fiber.

Lifestyle: Erika Polmar

 GL2012 ErikaPolmarThe founder of one of Oregon’s most enduring farm-dinner series celebrates 10 years of giving and receiving from the land.

Digital design

GL2012 GreenIdeas DigitalDesign03Matt Kennedy produces ceramics using unique digital tools under his Portland studio Port Rhombus Design.

Good wood

GL2012 GreenIdeas GoodWood01When Portland artist and designer David Laubenthal of DJL Studio would drive to his workshop, he would often notice wood pallets dumped on the curb. He began to collect them.

Third times a charm

GL2012 GreenIdeas ThirdTimesACharmWith green becoming mainstream, you’ve probably embraced repurposing in some form by now. Historic building repair specialist Andrew Curtis goes a step beyond.

For the birds

GL2012 EditorLetterEach year we make some improvement, large or small, to our home. Bit by bit, as we make changes, it’s important to us to figure out how we can reduce our footprint just a little bit more.

Green wash

GL2012 GreenWash02Reduce your home’s indoor toxins by switching to cleaners that are eco-friendly.