How to Build a Chicken Coop

 Illustration by Nick Shepard

Raising chickens in a coop is a fun and healthy way to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Follow these steps to have your own free-range chicken eggs.

Editor’s Letter

Barns are beautiful. They’re a connection with a simpler time—a structure that was built by hand, without heavy machinery. Today we see the prevalence of barn wood being used in almost everything. From furniture to home remodeling, barn wood is everywhere.

Before and After: A Zen-inspired Basement Remodel

“Basement remodel” is not the phrase that comes to mind with this zen- inspired master bedroom suite. In fact, what was once a mostly unfinished basement is now a quite luxurious spa-like retreat.

The Evolution of Urban Farming

Once confined to the countryside, it’s safe to say that farming has officially put down roots in the city. Boasting benefits for both the environment and the communities that they serve, it’s easy to see why fans and farmers alike advocate for the urban approach.

Salvage Style: Finding Beauty in Old Structures

For the last six years, Salvage Works’ sibling owners Rachel Browning and Preston Browning have dealt in repurposing lumber from old barns and houses found all across Oregon and Southern Washington. In addition to selling the wood itself, they also build custom furniture, tables, shelves, mantelpieces, accent walls and a variety of other unique pieces.