Peg’s Blue Pot

Photos by Holly Stickley

I know we all love pots on our deck or patio, but pots in the garden can also be fun, creative, and a great way to establish a focal point.


In placing Peg’s blue pot, Peg and I went back and forth trying to choose between two locations for its home. I originally thought it would look great as the first thing you see upon driving up to Peg’s front, but the pot competed too much with her beautiful front door. The cooler spot was the corner point of her pathway, and the turn that takes you to her back garden. I thought it made a stunning focal point, something beautiful to pause and gaze at. Peg agreed.


Pots in the garden are fun and unexpected. Choose wisely and don’t overdo. In a small-space garden, one or a few, or a small collection of well-placed pots goes a long way.


Anyone else have a potted plant creation you’d like to share?
Enjoy, and as always, love hearing from you!

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear