For a Modern Farmhouse, Timelessness Is in the Mix

Photography by Thomas Ellison Photography

Ronda Divers of Ronda Divers Interiors is used to designing homes from the ground up. As the designer of choice for some of Portland’s top luxury home builders, it was her humble beginnings working in lumberyards and construction companies that laid a solid foundation for gorgeous interiors.



“I understand the many layers involved in complex remodels and new construction,” Divers said. “I’ve built a team of industry professionals and a comprehensive showroom completely geared toward giving homeowners the most holistic, seamless and engaged design experience possible.”

Divers and her team brought a high level of detail and commitment to this recent collaboration with architect John Maier of Jeffrey L. Miller Architect, P.C. on a client’s dream home, a suburban Portland home that elevates the modern-farmhouse concept to a new level.



Divers’ clients — an active family with four children ranging from infant to preteen — felt inspired by recent trips to Sonoma wine country. They wanted to bring the expansive quality of outdoor living to their new home. They also wanted some clearly defined separation between adult spaces and kid spaces, but without losing an overall sense of design cohesion and sophistication. Other considerations included a focus on natural and reclaimed materials.

“One of the largest design elements on the main level is the poured-concrete floor,” said Divers. “It brings an incredible sense of warm urbanism to the space.”

Divers and team brought in the white woodwork, trim and hard surfaces, including the more timeless farmhouse shiplap to brighten and lighten the interior for the Northwest’s gray seasons. Originally, the clients wanted to remove the paint from the reclaimed beams used in the ceiling – but leaving them as is also added to that ageless, authentic farmhouse character.



The children’s bedrooms surround a central play area featuring a slide constructed by Natural Structures in Portland.

The home is indeed a showcase, but it’s not a showroom. Divers strikes an artful balance of exciting children’s spaces that are aesthetically pleasing to adults and serene grown-up areas that are warm, family friendly and composed of durable materials.

Divers’ key to creating enduring homes that stand the test of time? Relationships.

“In projects of this size and length, we develop deep relationships,” Divers said.  “We come away with lasting friendships. That’s what all of us here value most about our business.”

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